Well I sit here today wondering what I need to catch up on.  On Sunday we had a terrible wind storm and knocked our power out until Tuesday. 

The kids were going nuts and Shawn thought he was going to loose his mind or something.  Babies didn’t seem to mind expect at night when the sun went down.  They thought it was time for bed and was fighting with all their might until they just would give up.

I need to get some stuff done on the websites and here at home.  Seems my budding young artist (Joshua) has found my walls to be his color palette.  Think it’s time to invest in some more Magic Erasers (actually get them and stock in the company  lol).

Some days I just want to give up and so the heck with it all.  But I know I can’t and I think that is what keeps me going most of the time.

Well I suppose nothing is going to get done by me sitting here and just blabbing on. 

Back to work!

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