We had a great time on our vacation!  Was so nice to get away from the kids and just have some Mommy & Daddy time!  I think I did start missing the kids towards the end, and Arnie told me he would go and borrow someone else’s kids for a while.  I said “uh, NO!”.

I took lots of pictures, which you can see here.   Some of them Arnie took with his phone.  I got some good pictures but some them would be better if the two guys where not fishing on the rock bank in the creek.  Another lady was there trying to get pictures too and she was not happy about that either.

We got this cabin and it was awesome!  We went down to Babcock State Park in Clifftop, WV.  We did see lots of wild life believe it or not.  Arnie took me down by Grandma Dunbar’s old farm which I have never been too.  We did stop at the cementary because he did want to visit his Grandmother.  I did too.  Can’t make a trip down there and not stop.

We had no cell phone service or internet at the cabin.  We did find out Saturday night if we went to the top of the mountain which is where look out point #2 is that we can just get a signal.

Arnie tried his hand at fishing.  That’s all he talked about the whole trip but he did so some but not much like I thought he would.

Was just nice to get out and be relaxed and not have to deal with the kids or work for that matter.  I would like to go back down there with the kids but this time get one of their bunglows and stay a couple days.  They have so much to do there we didn’t know what to do.  We did a bit of hiking and exploring I guess you could say.

Well that’s all for now.  I may go and update this and I may not, but, that’s all folks!

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