Ok, so I didn’t title this but I have not a clue.  LOL

I need to work on a few things today but here I sit trying to figure out how to get the script working on my blog that says it’s updated.  I dunno.  It worked the other day is all I know.  I also found out last night when I tried to update a bit that the time setting on my blog was off like 3 hours!  Not good.  I guess you could say I’m getting ahead of myself.

I have a busy weekend this weekend.  Maddy & I have a Mother/Daughter Banquet to go to with my mother in law and then on Sunday we have a baby shower to go to for hubby’s cousin’s daughter.  Can’t complain.  It will be a weekend of Maddy & Mommy time.  😉

Well I best be going.  They have hopped the gate and are now in the dining room.  Gonna go and get my excerise for the day.  LOL

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