Well I am sitting here this morning doing a bit of work and trying to get some baking going that I need to finish.  But for some reason my heart is just not in it this morning.

Shawn is home on “Winter Break”.  They call it that now instead of Christmas Break.  My how things have changed.

My tree is up in the living room but I have no ornaments on it.  I put the tree up a week or so ago along with the stockings on the mantel of the fireplace so the little ones would leave things alone.  I guess I’m afraid they will take off with the ornaments as some of them can not be replaced.

I’ve been working on a year in review for the family and hope to get that finished up here soon.  However, I want to get a picture of the kids so that I can put it as the last one on the review for the holidays.  However, I think that may not happen as the way it goes in my life.

Arnie has been worried that he may not have enough work after the first quarter but I guess they had a meeting the other day and assured them that things are going ok.  Sometimes I think he gets all stressed out before he knows the facts.  It’s so amazing how rumors fly around.

We got a letter from the church the other day regarding our membership, however, I have not heard back so I have not a clue as to what is going on.  If I don’t hear back I’ll print out the email I sent and mail it to them.  Just wish people would give you some sort of confirmation besides an auto responder.  Dunno, maybe I’ll call, not sure.

Oh and get this.  Arnie informs me last week (one week ago mind you) that we are  having Christmas Eve dinner here at the house with his parents.  Why did no one consult me on this?  I’m the one that has to get things ready, cooked, etc.  Do you think it would be wise to consult me instead of just popping this on me?  Not like I have enough to do.  To be honest, I kinda like our quiet Christmas Eve’s.  I can finish up wrapping presents and not have to be pressed for anything.  I dunno.  That’s Arnie for ya.

Well, the baking is not going to bake itself and the chocolates will not make themselves.  Guess I should get my rear in gear and get moving.

Merry Christmas!

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