Well sitting here in the living room while Dakota sleeps.  Joshua and Madison are sitting next to me.   They love it when I bring the laptop into the living room.  Sometimes we go and play on Sprout or Nic Jr.  So we will probably end up doing that here shortly.  Josh is watching the words as I type this.  LOL

We have been in a deep freeze the past few days.  We go from not having any snow or winter weather to having more than we can can handle.

I was gonna do some work today but not sure if I will be doing that or not.  I just want to play and watch tv all day.  😉

Well the “gang” is wanting to do something fun here and not letting me do anything.  May just go and play or watch movies today. Hee hee…

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One thought on “Another Snowy Day

  1. Becky says:

    Hi-I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading your blog. Seems to be the winter of snow storms…we got about 6 or more inches over night and supposedly are in for another 8….

    Hope you are enjoying your week.

    (from Wahm Addicts)

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