The other day the kids where getting ready for Christmas and Madison came crying to me in tears.  When I asked her what was wrong, between the tears and sniffling she said Josh had told her that there was no such thing as Santa.  My heart sank.  Such an early age to not believe but at the same time they are getting older and I know things will be changing soon.

I then looked at her teary face and I asked her “Do you believe in Santa?  Do you believe in Christmas magic?”  She looked at me for a second and with her big brown eyes and a sniffle or two to suck in the tears, she quietly and calmly said “Yes.”  I then had a smile on my face and I said “then there is a Santa”.  With that there was a small smile and a gleam in her eyes once again.

So with that I started to remember that even though I sort of hate this time of year, there just may be such things as Christmas magic or miracles.  Whatever you want to call them there is something there that only you can understand in your own personal way.

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