ok, so i’m doing better today.  guess i just needed to vent some.  like who doesn’t?

kids are driving me nuts as usual.  josh is doing better on the potty the past couple days.  i actually got him to wear “big boy pants” yesterday.  shocking!

started working on my new catalog so i’m hoping to have that done soon.  got some sites i’m getting ready to work on.  so things are going good here.  at least for now.

of course today it didn’t help the truck wouldn’t start this morning for hubby.  doing the same thing it did a couple months ago.  so they are supposed to come and tow it to the shop for them to see what is going on.  whether it’s something with the computer or not.

well i better get going.  the little ones have found out they can reach the door bell by putting their arm through the screen on the screen door.  lovely.

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