This morning when I woke up, grabbed my morning coffee, and logged into my account, there was a drastic change to the newsfeed.

Now through the morning I have watched numerous people complain that they don’t like the change, myself included.   I have read articles on how it’s supposed to “improve” our Facebook enjoyment and activities.

I personally do not mind the change, however, the fact that I think is bothering most people is that you don’t know us!  Do you know who all of our family is?  Who all we went to school with?  Who are kids go to school with or what football team they are on?

About a week or so ago you wanted us to categorize our friends?  Really?  Are we living in a society that we must categorize everyone and every little thing we do?  We teach our kids to be open minded and not to put people in any sort of categories, but yet that is what you are having us do?

Yes, I do admit.  I do have a few in categories but that is for me to know how I know them, where I know them from, and anything else that would help me remember.  Not necessarily for you but for me.

It’s not so much of the newsfeed I think that is bothering most.  But the fact that you are ALWAYS changing something.  You don’t give us enough time to get used to the new feature or layout (for example) before you go and change it again.  Not everyone on this earth has computer smarts or even online that often for the most part.

As far as the ticker goes, personally, some of it I can care less of.  Infact, some of the people that are mentioned in those I don’t even know, so why would I want to know about some of it?

As far as the subscriptions are concerned, if I wanted to “subscribe” to them, that’s why I would have them on my friends list to begin with, not necessarily let them tell me they went out and milked the cows this morning when I don’t even know them to begin with.

Just remember who is putting that steak dinner down to fill your tummy.  It’s not always the advertisers.  It’s us little people as well.  We are the ones who see the ads, purchase the product, they in turn pay you to have that ad there.  If it wasn’t for us, you would be dining at Taco Bell off the 99 cent menu instead of having that steak dinner at the Roadhouse.

Just remember this:

K.I.S.S  – Keep It Simple Stupid

Just my thought and my rant for the day.  I still think we should have the choice as to how we view the newsfeed.  Not what you think we should.  You don’t know us as well as you think you do.  One thing to live behind a computer screen and another to be the one out there doing it.


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