Dear Neighbor,writing-a-letter2

I’m writing you today to tell you “Oh Please!  Seriously?”

First of all you need to get your rear end off that pedestal that you seem to have yourself and your kids on.

Secondly, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your sh** stinks just like everyone’s.    I’m sorry, but you don’t fart rose petals or anything like that out your a$$.

Next time before you come over and start complaining about our child maybe you should step back a second and take a look at your own.

Your child repeatedly teased and started fights with my child.  When my child told you about it you blew it off like it was nothing saying that “people don’t like tattle tales”.  Aren’t they teaching the kids about bullying in school?  Some adult you are.

A few days later your child repeatedly was hitting and kicking my child in the head and he did it right in front of me!  When I yelled at him for it he kept doing it.  And guess what?  His parent(s) didn’t even bother to come outside to see what was going on!  So how does that make it right?  So it’s alright for a 10 year old to beat up on a 7 year old?  Really?

Not to mention when your child got attacked by the neighbors dog I told you what had happened and asked if he was alright.  Guess now I’ll be minding my own business from now on and I don’t know a damn thing.

So it appears to me that your child only wants to play with mine when no one else is around. As soon as one of  the other kids come around he thinks it’s big and bad and picks on smaller children.  They pick that up from adults you know.  I know you do it because I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes.

So if your reading this and think it’s about you, chances are it is.  Just remember that Karma is a b***h and I just hope I’m there to see what happens.


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