Ok, so I decided to work a bit on my blog this morning.  I log in and I have about 378 comments awaiting moderation!  I thought “OMG!  Either someone really likes me or this is a serious joke!”  It was.  It was all spam!  Can you believe it?

These people actually had the nerve to tell me that I had a great site and that the author is great!  Come on!  It’s one thing to leave such comments but it’s totally another to post about 500 links in the comment area with nothing but links to viagra sites and so forth!

So I spent about 10 minutes or so just deleting them!  Come on people!  Get real!  Do you have nothing else better to do than to spam a person’s personal site that has their thoughts, dreams, and hopes on?!?  That is just right RUDE!

I mean don’t get me wrong.  I honestly don’t mind the comments.  Infact I love them, but when you post about 500 links or so to a viagra site or a porn site for that, do you think I will actually let that fall through?

Give me a break!

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