Well here I sit in front of my laptop.  Trying to get the energy to do some work today.  The only thing about it is that I honestly feel like everything I’m doing is going unnoticed so why bother?

Still have people back stabbing me.  Unpaid accounts.  Wondering how I am gonna pay a couple bills that I have and even if the party I have scheduled for Saturday is going to even happen at this point.

Everyone wants help with this or that but when I ask for a favor I get taken advantage of or blown off.

What I seriously want to do is tell everyone to kiss my rear end and let things happen to them as it has done me.  What comes around goes around.  However, I know if I think positive and keep plugging away it does pay off.  But as of now I honestly don’t see that happening as the light at the end of the tunnel is dim or flickering on and off just teasing me.

I want to go and do things but right now I feel no need what so ever to even go and attempt to do anything.  What I seriously want to do is hang my head down and cry.  But what is that gonna get me besides a runny nose and a headache?  Still, can’t win for loosing.

Well the little ones are being quiet for a change which now scares me and work is calling me to do it.

See ya!

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2 thoughts on “Here I sit

  1. Leto says:

    I’ve been feeling the same way. No appreciation whatsoever and just being stomped on by everyone, especially the SO. I hear and feel you sista!

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