Well, saturday I bought a new pair of jean shorts one size smaller.  Didn’t even try them on!  Brought them home, got a shower, and put them on.  And guess what?!?  I went down a whole size!  Yeah me!!  Not sure how much I have lost all together but I think I have enough courage to get on the scale tomorrow and see.

So, as my “reward” if you will, I went to the local tatoo shop and got my belly button pierced again.  It closed up when I was in the hospital all that time with Joshua and I told myself I would not get it done again until I lost some more weight.  🙂

Now the next “goal” I have for myself is to loose a bit more and get some new ink done.  Not sure what I want yet.  I want to get something for Josh and then something for the twins.  I want something for the twins to mean the same but yet different.  Think I’m gonna have to go and do some more searching but I shall find something.

I also want to get some ink put on my lower back and/or my shoulder.  Again, not sure what I want but have an idea at least.

Just baby steps for now.  😉  But I will get there!

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2 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Lisa says:

    That is absolutley wonderful! Congrats to you!!! My son and DIL are here now. Surprised me! I was expecting them next weekend. I havent seen them since we flew out to CA to see them before he left to go to Iraq, so I am having a GREAT weekend and hope you are too!!!

  2. Tracey says:

    Thanks Lisa! I’m hoping that I continue to go down and not go back up. LOL I’ve had a sweet tooth like crazy lately but I’m not giving in! Trying to control the will power. LOL That is wonderful your son and DIL are in! What a great surprise! Just chilling and relaxing and getting some work done around the house here. Have a great weekend and enjoy your visit!

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