Well I survived!  I was exhausted but I survived!

We had the inlaws over for a cook out.  My Mom couldn’t come because she had other plans with the family.  So it was still nice.

The day before I was cleaning and Cody just loves to help me clean.  Ho Ho brought the little ones one of those Dirt Devil Sweepers for Christmas.  Well needless to say I was chugging right along.  Dumped the dirt out of my sweeper and turn around and look what I find on my couch:

Cleaning is hard work!
Cleaning is hard work!

I about lost it!  I know cleaning is hard and tiring but to stop on the job?  🙂

All in all it was a nice day.   Kind of cool but the sun was shining when it wanted to.  The kids were so tired they didn’t want to go to sleep.  I was so tired I tried to take a nap but that wasn’t happening.  Guess a Mom’s work is never done.  Even on Mother’s Day.  😉

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