Well I should be doing some work today but believe it or not I’m having a creative block for 3 websites.  Sad huh?  Guess that happens from time to time.  I know I’ll get it but just takes a bit of time sometimes.

The little ones have been watching Aladin over and over again.  That seems to be the movie of the week, so I’m finding myself singing all the songs from that movie today.

They have managed to get banana in the carpet so I will have to go and get the carpet cleaner to get that out.  A Mom’s work is never done.  Josh has now found the light switch and the lights are blinking on and off.  Great.  Now my neighbors will think my house is haunted or something.  Good thing it’s day time.

Maddy has been having a fashion issue.  She seems to like to put on layers and layer of clothing.  Whether they are hers or not.  Arnie called her a bag lady the other day.

Well I think I may go and do some cleaning as when my mind is working on something else that usually helps the creative blocks.  Usually. 😉

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