Well, I have from time to time through the year go to work or make a post on this blog.  I have had all sorts of ideas running through my head.  However, because of either work or just the life of being a mother, things call to me that need my attention and I must deal with that.

So much has happened since January and I honestly don’t even know where to begin to be honest.

As of now, Joshua is in Kindergarden.  The twins are in pre-school.  Shawn has started a new school, LifeSkills.  Rosie had her puppies about a couple weeks ago.  And me, I’m still here.  Things are slow for the moment with work but I’m not complaining.  This gives me time to be with my family and do things that I can’t normally do with work calling me.  It will pick up soon, don’t get me wrong.  Just that time of year again and I honestly don’t mind the break.

I’ve got things planned since the kids are out of my hair for a few hours a day.  Again, not sure where to start but I will start somewhere and just go with it.

I’ve thought about doing some sort of challenge since I would have the time and post my findings here.  But then again that leaves me to wonder if I can.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I know I can, but just finding the will at times to do it as there is so much stuff  I want to do and move on to the next.

And as I said before the life of a mother does call to me.  Maddy is complaining, yet again, about finding pants to wear so when we take Shawn to school she is dressed.  Even though we don’t have to leave for about 3 hours, that’s Maddy for ya.

Have a great day!

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