My Spy Birdhouse

Well I’m sure we all have seen the lovely  infomercial that is shown about a 100 times a day about the My Spy Birdhouse.  Well, I decided I wanted one.  Not just for me but for the kids.  Sort of like a science experiment but not in school.

Well I don’t know about you but I really hate to order things off the TV.  So I checked the stores every time I went in to see in their “As Seen On TV” section if they had them yet.  Well after several months, Wal-Mart finally had them.  But of course you didn’t get the lovely bird feeder that comes with it.  So the kids were with me and we bought it and brought it home.

We then unpacked the birdhouse from the packaging and put it together.  Yes, you have to put it together.  Not bad really.  This part snaps in here and this one there.  We then put it on the window to the back of the house where the window was that the kids could see it.

After several minutes it fell off onto the sidewalk below.  It did break.  Well, luckily I do have a hot glue gun and put it back together.  Then we went back to the outside window and washed it down again.  It has not fallen down as of yet.

Now, the sheets you get that cling on the window are a bit hard to remove but then again the instructions do not really tell you what side is to go where.

We have now had the birdhouse for almost two months and as of yet we still do not have any birds.  Kids are bummed.  So, I think I may have to find some sort of small bird feeder to put on the window (as we do not have a tree in the back any where near the house) to see if we can even get a bird to come into the home that we have provided for them.

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