Well I’m here trying to figure out things and I realize now that since the oldest grew up times have changed but it’s also a challenge since I have three going through pretty much the same things at the same time.

Now mind you that they are not back to back and they all go differently as each child is their own person, but still.

People don’t realize that things are different when you have multiples.  Now first you have to understand that when I say multiples, I’m not talking about an 8 year old and a 4 year old.  I’m talking at least two 7 year olds and one just a year older.  I have different challenges then most people.  My budget is tighter, I have to explain things not once but two or three times, the crazy schedule I keep because one has to be here, the other there, and sometimes at the same time.  Not to mention there is so much more that I could be here all day and completely bore you to death.  Basically take what you do now with your child(ren) and times it by 2 or 3 and that’s me at the same time.

Now when I started writing this a few months back, I set it aside and thought maybe I would calm down.  But during this time I also learned that other mothers with multiples face the same problem.  Whether they are with twins, triplets, or quads, we all face the same challenges with raising them and frankly people just don’t understand.

I mean at one point in time having twins or triplets was a big thing.  Never really happened that much.  When it did it was made this big thing.  But now a days with all the inverto procedures its a bit more common.  For example, when I was pregnant with my middle son I was in the woman’s and children’s center for about a month on total bed rest.  I was the only lady there who was having a single birth!!  One lady came in and had 5 babies!  The rest of the time most were twins or triplets!  So by the time by twins came along a year later, I never got the year supply of diapers.  We never got a giant gift basket full of goodies.  Nope.  Nada.  But what I did get was that the nurses remembered me from the year before being the only single birth and being there at the center for a month.

So it seems society accepts the fact more on multiple births however, if you look at it, they really don’t because they don’t know what it’s like to raise multiples at all.  Birthing and raising are both different things.  My daily goal most days is to get a shower and get to bed at a reasonable time and if I’m really lucky it’s not like an episode of the Waltons at bed time.

So before you start judging someone because they should be doing this or should be doing that or this needs done or that, take a look, a really good look first.  Chances are you are not seeing the whole picture.

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