Man, I haven’t logged in for a few days and I know I haven’t posted anything about me aside from an occassional vent here and there but everytime I log in I have so much spam from my blog!   Honestly!  Do people have nothing better to do then try to tell me about viagra and that?  Oy!  I’m sure if I wanted all that crap I would go to the store and purchase it!  Ya know?

I got my blog and my facebook networked together.  Then I found out I have six followers!  Wow!  I honestly thought that I lead such a boring life!  lol

But honestly I have been busy… working on helping clients, doing a bit of a makeover on a few of my sites, waiting for results back from the doctor, and just the daily life of being a stay at home mom. 

I have so much I want to write about and I always think I will get back to it but it seems that I get seriously side tracked or just plain forget what it was I was gonna write about!  Wonder if that is a sign of old age?  lol  Maybe I should start keeping a notepad and pen or a recorder with me so I can remember?  lol

I have started another blog on one of my businesses to help maybe help people better understand things.  I dunno if that will work or not but it’s a we will see situation.

But on a good note taxes should be in next week.  Just glad they are done and over with.  I so hate doing them!

And the oldest has been on this kick this week about seeing if he can actually do something so that he can get in the grade he belongs in.  Could this be something he is finally taking serious or just another one of his “flings”?  Dunno, we shall see what plays out.

Well coffee is getting cold and I have emails and that to answser.  Hopefully the doctor’s office calls today with the results of my tests and we can see what needs to be done from there.  Just hate the not knowing part.

Have a great day!

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