I think I have finally come to the conclusion that some people are cold and heartless and totally stupid!  I know that this may not shock some of you but it really didn’t bother me until I logged into my blog today and people are spamming my last post about CJ with freaking stupid jokes!  Yes I had one or two that said sorry and that (thank you by the way) but OMFG! 

Not to mention they say it’s an interesting article and I should read more?!?  Why don’t these people get a life and grow up?!?  Not to mention clean your freaking computer because the same IP address but with different names and what not with the jokes?  Well to you who have been doing that, YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED  from my site!!  So the way I see it, you can kiss my big round rump!  I do not want your jokes (yes some of them where cute) but come on!  There is a time and place for everything.  And guess what?  THAT WASN’T IT!

Ok, guess I will get off my high horse for now!

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