Ever have one of them days tht when you first wake up you know something is different but no matter what you can’t put your finger on it.

Well that day was yesterday for me.

Woke up with the new kitty hubby had brought me home the previous week, only to see she was doing  a bit better on her cold.  (I will post later on the kitten).  Then it took a turn for the worse.  Ended up taking her to the vet only for her to pass away in the truck on the way.

Come home and deal with the twins and Shawn about the kitten.  Maddy being the worse of them.  Once that calmed down I then was on the phone and poured myself a cup of coffee.  I then went in and set it by my computer  while I went into the kitchen for something else only to discover when I came back into the other room, my coffee was knocked over on my laptop.  To be honest I don’t even know how or who did it.

So then for the rest of the day I’m dealing with this laptop (which by the way I am using now) only for the keyboard to load onto it when it’s ready and when it does my 2 & @ key will not work.  Along with the tab key, ctrl key, fn key, window key, and alt key to work when they want.  Thank God for the new USB keyboard I bought for the old desktop, which by the way is a 1999 Dell with original monitor and some other parts.  I did replace a few things to make it faster but aside from that still hums like a charm.

So I guess my two year old laptop will be handed down to my oldest and then it will be time for Momma to get a new laptop.  Bigger and better if possible.

Then during the meantime it will be for me to figure out what to do with my old one I gave hubby when I got this one.  Best Buy does trade ins but then again maybe put it on craigslist?  Sure it’s good for some of it’s parts if anything.

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