Well seems we have two projects going on this weekend.  Hubby is fixing the roof on the garage and I’m painting the front porch.  Now normally I would not complain, but this is totally nuts!  I honestly think we bough this house from someone that is or let his renters paint a cement porch!  Now because of this it has to be painted.  Not the sides or that but the top of it along with the freaking steps!  Honestly I would not paint a cement porch unless the whole thing could be painted but noooo.  Just my luck ya know?

Anywho, I snapped some pictures of Arnie and Shawn on the garage roof yesterday.  Shawn was not happy I was taking pictures.  But come on.  I’m a Mom!



Now here are the picturs of the porch.  The paint hasn’t dried yet when I took these and it’s only the first coat.  I think I have to do another coat today.  Not looking forward to it as my butt hurts from bending over.  Arnie informed me this morning that he has a paint stick for the roller.  Now he tells me.  😉

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