I’ve been sitting here today doing a bit of reflective thinking.  I’ve also found myself doing this while working, doing things around the house and even driving the car this evening.

Seems that people come into your life for unknown reasons.  Some stay with you for the long haul.  Some come and go like a revolving door, just coming and going as they please.  Others are with you for a while and gone.  Then there are some that you have for a while, gone for a while, while only to return years later.

Whatever reason they are here we don’t honestly know.  Maybe a lesson to learn, a tear to wipe away, or a smile just to make yours or even their day.

I’ve found that I don’t like the unknown and I want to know why, but that is one of life’s lessons that only we can figure out on our own.  Whether to make us a stronger person, a hero for a day, or just to be there for them.  I guess I will take that at the face value it is.

Then there are the ones that no matter how hard you try to understand, no matter what you just don’t understand.  Are we really meant to understand or know?  I guess we will know that one-day but just not now.

So with that tomorrow I will put a smile on my face, hold my head up, not worry about this or that, and please the one person that has to deal with me everyday, ME!

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