Well I have noticed I have not wrote much since the birthday/trick or treat event.  I have updated the blog with a holiday theme and I’m sitting here waiting for cookies to come out of the oven while all 4 kids are playing in the living room with the ABC Family Channel on the tv.

I have taken some more pictures and I will need to get those posted.  I’ve been very busy with work and getting ready for the holidays.

Thanksgiving was ok.  Pretty much how it normally is.  Family, Friends, and Food!!  Sometimes I wonder if something like that is or should be legal.  LOL

I managed to put up a fish tank for the little ones for their birthdays but we are down to one fish.  Think I jumped the gun and killed them.  All that is left is the sucker fish and he seems to be lonely and attached to the tube that goes into the fish tank.  Now that is in the 20 gallon.  I do have a live plant and a couple plant bulbs but the one bulb is slowly sprouting and I’m thinking the other one is well, alive.  seems to move all over the take.

The 10 gallon is set up but no fish.  I know that one is safe so when I can I will get a tank hose and move the sucker fish and plants to the bottom while I clean out the 20 gallon.

Well just took another batch of cookies out of the oven and they are sitting here cooling and will be ready to take off the cookie sheet here shortly.


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