Well so far today has been productive.  Been working away and that.  Hope I can continue it for a bit.

Tomorrow I go in for more tests to check out the gall bladder.  Hope they find something soon because this is not only getting on my nerves but expensive too.  I’m about ready to say the heck with it and wait for another episode and go the ER.  Not to mention with what is going on with my left hand is not helping matters either.

But on a good note plans are rolling along for the trip next month.  We decided not to go to Richmond but going to Lancaster instead.

I bought a new camera the other day.  Hoping to take some more pictures so I can play with it.  I know the little ones just love to have their picture taken.  😉  The dogs don’t hold still though.  Especially the pup.  lol

Well, off to start some laundry and do some dishes.

Have a great day!

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