Well yesterday we had a full day! We had a Trick-Or-Treat and then cake and ice cream for the little ones.

We only were gone about an hour as the little ones walked themselves. Josh was getting the idea of it but was still too shy to say “Trick-Or-Treat!”. Maddy got the idea of it too but didn’t say “trick-or-treat” but instead she did say “Thank You!”. Dakota on the other hand slowly (and I mean slowly) got the idea but he would set his pumpkin bucket down and look. He didn’t speak one word the whole hour!

Josh dressed up as a spider (wouldn’t let me get his picture) and Dakota and Madison dressed as scarecrows.

Dakota & Madison Dressed As Scarecrows!
Dakota & Madison Dressed As Scarecrows!

Arnie and I took the kids out and you know that is something I so much enjoy as we never got to do that with Shawn.  Sometimes I feel he’s missed out on so much during them years and there is no way he can get them back.  I just hope he makes the best of things between him and Shawn and just do his best or better for the little ones as they have no idea as what all them years where.

Any who, didn’t mean to go off subject, but after Trick-Or-Treat we had cake and ice cream for their birthday’s.  We did a combined party as it was a bit easier for everyone.  Josh’s birthday was October 16th and the twins birthday is November 2nd.  So we did a combo party for them.

I made their cake myself.  I haven’t did one for so long I was a bit shaky on the lettering.


 Josh helped me the night before with it.  He had to test the icing and make sure it was ok!  Not to mention test the pumpkins and spiders too!

We had fun.  Was a long day for all and no naps so everyone slept good that night!  But I’m so thankful it only comes once a year!

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