Ok, I know I’m gonna vent so I fore warn you.

But why is it, when you help someone all they want to do is stab you in the back?  Treat you like crap, like you don’t know nothing, and to top it off they were the ones who asked for help and came to you in the first place?  They actually treat you like you don’t know anything and just belittle you.

I mean come on people!  When you ask someone for help and they ask you for more information because maybe, just maybe, they need more information then you are giving them, you treat them like the bad guy?  Do you honestly expect them to help?  Maybe just maybe they need what they are asking for?

Or if you ask a question and the person responds but you don’t take the time to look at the response and just go about asking the same question again without taking the response you given in the first place?  And then to top it off keep demanding to know what you have been already told?

How about when someone wants information and then tells you a bold face lie and you catch them?  Do you tell them?  Or do you just play it off like nothing?

I mean I know some places customer service has totally flew out the window and has been out sourced to foreign countries and when you call their customer service they can’t even speak English so how can you expect them to read it if they can’t speak it? 

But there are places that their customer service has been totally fantastic but yet people still do this?

I guess I should ask this?  What ever happened to common curtisy (spelling)?  I believe more and more it’s flown out the window and in this day and age of technology things can get crossed.  I know I have always went by the golden rule “the customer is always right”.  But, what happens when they are wrong?

I know a few people will actually have the common sense to say “oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know” but what ever happened to being the bigger man?  Guess that went out the door too.

I mean doesn’t the person on the other end of either the phone, the email, the IM, support ticket, etc.  don’t they have feelings too?  Seems to me no wonder everyone is cold towards people anymore.

Guess I’m just ranting and raving.  Thanks for listening!

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