Ok, I’m warning you I’m on a rant again.  I know I probably have said this time and time again and I know I should dig out my brass balls and tell people what I think but I think half the time it don’t do any good and the other half goes on deaf ears.

Why is it when people stab you in the back when they want something or when it’s convient for them they will help you?  But at the same time you are supposed to bend over backwards and help them no matter what?  I mean I spend my time with these people when I should be dealing with other things but they think I have to drop everything in the drop of a hat for them.  Do you tell them to go and pound salt or take a number? I don’t know but this is getting seriously old.

I mean these people don’t even give you a thank you and act like they don’t appreciate anything.  All in the same time they don’t know what all they are doing but you are the one that does.

I mean I think I know who my true friends and so forth are.

Ok, just venting for tonight.  Have a great one!

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