cm7591We live in a small town called McDonald, OH.  You know that dot you see on the map when you are looking for it?  Yeah, that’s about the size of it.  This is not considered a town even, but a village.  Village?  Yep, I ask that too and I can’t seem to find the village idiot even though there is plenty of them to go around.

Here in Mayberry the “town” only has two traffic lights, two gas stations, a pizza shop, dollar store, 2 banks, and a little grocery.  Oh, can’t forget the Post Office and Fire/Police Department too.  The town was built up because of the local steal mill here back in the day.  Infact, most of the homes in the area where built for the steal workers and their families.  If you drive down the main part of town you will see (what we call around here) Montgomery Ward homes.  Even though some of the homes here were built from other local businesses that used to be in the area.  Most of all the streets are lined with big trees along side the road in what is called a “Devil’s Strip” (took me a while to learn this term) which are probably 100 years or more old.

If you live here you either have lived here all your life or you moved in.  If you lived here you either went to one of two schools.  The local school (McDonald) or Mineral Ridge (aka The Ridge).  If you have moved into the area then you are considered what is known as transplants (which is what we are).  Most that grew up here believe it or not, do live next door or “down around the corner” from either Mom & Dad or Grandma & Grandpa.  Other family members may live on the other side of town.

The school around here is like something from a movie or a book.  There is no busing for the kids, unless you live so far out of town then they can ride one of the two buses that the school owns.  Other than that the kids have to be driven, walk, or ride their bikes to and from school.  No matter what the weather.

DSC01117The school is very, and I mean very, much into athletics.  Basically, if you do not play or do some sort of sport you are looked on as an out cast.  This mainly holds true during football season.  Most of all the boys are either on or do something with the team.  The girls are either cheerleaders or do something for school spirit.  During the football season when the time comes to play “The Ridge”, it’s almost like out of the movie Grease when Rydell has that big bon fire.  They call it “The Ram Roast”.  The whole town will gather at the community park, light a fire, the band plays (yes, I can hear all this from my house), and they have their big pep rally of the year.  From my understanding it’s a tradition that goes back very many years.

It’s not a bad place to raise a family.  Just like any other place it does have it’s pros and cons.  I know when we moved in I really did like it.  But after being here so many years you really get to know people and see how they are.  The ugly truth can come out.  Then you realize it’s just like any other small town in America.

So with that I will start this section and post any happenings in “Mayberry”.  And yes, if you ask people around here, they will tell you they do infact live in a “Mayberry” town.

If you want to find out more about McDonald, then please click here for more information.

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