I thought yesterday was crazy today was even more so!

I got some work done and that.  I then proceeded to add more stuff to my sale site (www.traceysplace.net/sale).  I then realized that a couple items I had on my sale site I put up away from the little ones and now I can’t find them!  I guess I put them up real good!

I’m waiting for a gal to come over and pick up some of this baby stuff I have.   Arnie didn’t want me to charge her anything for it but some people if you do that they get offended.  So, I just told her $20 for the whole lot she is getting.  I haven’t even gotten to the baby clothes yet.  LOL   That will be a fun day.

I really need to have a garage sale but not sure how to go about doing it in this town. 

Well, I best be going.  She will be here soon and I have a few stories to post too later on.  Has been a crazy week that’s for sure!

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