I get asked that all the time when people find out I have twins.  To be honest, twins are just like having one but you have another one.

To be honest when I first brought my precious gifts from God home the first night was not bad.  However, the next night I would be in for a shocker.

The next  night they both woke at the same time wanting fed and changed.  I cried.  What was I gonna do?  Arnie was asleep on the couch, Shawn was sleeping in his room with Joshua.  I then gathered myself together and did what any Mom would do.  I took care of my babies.

Now being twins they are not identical.  They are totally different people with their very much own personalities.

Dakota is my little laid back, easy going man.  Madison is more out going and a mother hen to her 2  minutes older brother Dakota.   She only does with Cody and not Joshua or Shawn.

Life with twins is life with any other baby.  Just twice the feedings, diapers (should have bought stock in Wal-Mart and Pampers), and twice the love.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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